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BDPA Education & Technology Foundation is reviewing the scholarship program and policies. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, please contact us directly:
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scholarships photoBDPA Education & Technology Foundation’s Scholarships Program supports development of the best and brightest future information technology professionals worldwide through learning opportunities.

We established our scholarship program to stimulate the interest of young people in the fields of science and technology, areas where youth from underserved communities are seriously underrepresented.  Our scholarships assist students in obtaining degrees from accredited institutions of high learning in the fields of computer science, mathematics and information technology related field.

The program is open to any student that participates in our Student Information Technology & Scholarship (SITES) program. This program enriches the educational opportunities for our students in an after-school program of technology training with a focus on low-and moderate-income communities.

Download the BETF Scholarship Guidelines.

BDPA established the SITES program to teach advanced computer science and community responsibility to students from historically disadvantaged communities.  The centerpiece of SITES is our High School Computer Competition (HSCC).  BDPA started the HSCC program in 1986 when we observed the growing need for youth of color to possess basic computer skills.  The HSCC program was our effort to bridge the ‘digital divide’ before the term was widely known.  BDPA recognizes that to close the gap of computer and technology literacy, minority youth must participate and compete in today’s digital economy. Otherwise, our youth run the risk of being obsolete in America’s workforce.

The SITES program is an intellectually challenging program that builds self-esteem through the mastery of applied computer science. We create a foundation for academic and career success.  SITES trains our youth to use technology as a vehicle to learn skills and concepts beyond the technology itself.  In essence, it bridges the gap between long-term educational approach of the classroom and short-term skills experience of the workplace.

BDPA has trained hundreds of students since the programs’ inception.  Following successful completion of the program, numerous SITES scholars continue to hone their technological skills in accredited degree-granting college or university