Programs BETF Supports

Today BETF supports two BDPA initiatives:

  1. BDPA Student Information Technology Education & Scholarships (SITES), and
  2. BDPA IT Institute
  3. BDPA IT Corps

BDPA SITES Initiative

In January 2000, PBS presented a two-part series that explored how the rapid spread of computer technology is affecting young people across the country entitled DIGITAL DIVIDE.  The two parts of the series, Computer Classes and Virtual Diversity, looked both at the huge variances that exist in the quality and quantity of computer education in our schools and at the computer access beyond the classroom.  The film asked the question: “If technology is race and gender blind, then why are there so few women and even fewer minorities working in the technology industry?”

The Children’s Partnership issued a Strategic Audit in March 2000 on the “Digital Divide’s New Frontier” as a part of a series of reports that focus on subjects of national importance which affect large numbers of young people.  One of the recommendations of the report is to provide community-based Information Technology preparation and training in underserved communities. 

The SITES program mission goes directly to the narrowing of the digital divide.  It is to expose youth to the many facets of the Information Technology industry and empower them with the skills to succeed in their professional careers. more>>.

BDPA IT Institute

Minority high achievers within the field of Information Technology struggle with the attempt to move from purely technical roles to the more influential roles of manager, director or vice president. BDPA strives to position its members and the community at the fore-front of knowledge and techniques which can support the development of the skills required to make this transition. Statistics show that Blacks make up only 3.9% of management positions in IT.

Towards that end, BDPA launched the Information Technology Institute certification program at Auburn University in September 2006. The BDPA IT Institute supports the computer professional by increasing technical competence, maximizing leadership potential and utilizing an academic partnership with Auburn University’s Distance Learning program. The institute offers online certification programs supporting the entry-level IT Associate, the mid-level IT Professional, and the advanced-level IT Master.