HSCC Alumni

Competitions are opportunities for students to network with other students and showcase their abilities to a wider audience. In addition, awards and scholarships are given to the highest performers. There are two levels of Competitions, National and Regional.

The National High School Computer Competition (HSCC) is a rigorous competition scheduled over two days at the National Conference. It consists of three required components and one optional component:

  1. Round-robin Oral Exam
  2. 15-minute Computerized Introduction to Computer Science Exam including general computer concept questions
  3. 7-Hour Programming Competition developing a Web-Based Application that solves a complex business problem
  4. Optional T-Shirt Design Competition displaying artistic and creative ability

Additionally, there are Regional High School Computer Competitions held at various locations across the country prior to the national conference. Currently, these Regional Competitions are based on the National HSCC model. They are hosted by local BDPA Chapters with support from the National team.

There are more than one thousand HSCC Alumni all over the world. This site will serve as a forum for HSCC Alumni. We urge all alumni to submit a testimonial of their HSCC experience.