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BETF Grants & Funding

BETF provides funding for educational and technical programs to BDPA chapters via a prescribed process.

Types of Grants

  1. Grants that come in to BETF and are earmarked for a specific chapter can be requested by following steps 5 - 7 of the BETF Grant Proposal process described below.
  2. Grant proposals to corporations and charities solicited through BETF must follow steps 1 through 7 of the BETF Grant Proposal process described below.
  3. BDPA Chapter Funding Requests made directly to BETF must follow steps 1 and 7 of the BETF Grant Proposal process described below. These requests are subject to the general limitations described below.

BETF Grant Proposal Process

For all proposals requiring the assistance of BETF, chapters must follow the following process. Due to legal liability, BETF cannot process automated email requests.

  1. Chapter puts together the proposal and submits it to BETF via email. Chapter must submit at least 21 days prior to the due date of the proposal.
  2. BETF puts together a proposal package that includes the following: :
    1. Cover Sheet, showing BETF as fiscal agent of your chapter;
    2. 501 (c)(3) Letter of Determination; and
    3. Any other information/documents that are needed from BETF.
  3. BETF mails the proposal package to the donor with instructions to remit the grant via BETF. The package will be completed and mailed within one week of receipt of the chapter materials.
  4. BETF receives the grant from the donor, and notifies the chapter of the receipt of the grant, including the value of the grant.
  5. Chapter fills out and submits the Chapter IRS Tax Receipt Application (with required signatures) to BETF, Attention BETF Treasurer: via regular mail (see address below). This is a legal document requesting the transfer of money or non-cash grant from BETF to the chapter.
  6. BETF sends the grant (minus the 15% processing fee for cash grants) to the chapter.
  7. Chapter submits the BETF Grant Final Report for the project being funded. This report is mandatory to ensure consideration for future funding. Fill out the report online and then print and sign it.

General Limitations

Because of serious budget limitations, BETF policy or federal tax law the BETF generally will not consider Chapter funding requests for the following:

  • Individual applicants for support of their personal needs,
  • Religious activities for organizational support,
  • Political campaign setup or support,
  • Film or  video programs,
  • Award dinners, advertisements or tables at fund-raising events,
  • Automatic renewal grants (reapplication is possible), and
  • Chapters that are not chartered or active

BETF seeks to give fair consideration to all legitimate requests for funding that fall within the purview of its programs and chapter priorities as its budget allows. Contact for inquiries.